Coconut Miracle Global founder, Ching Lee Hwa first heard about the benefits of coconut oil from a close friend. And the second time from her masseuse but she ignored them until one day in March 2016 she met one of her student’s father who manufactures coconut oil. Hence, she explored and discovered the possibility of this MIRACLE OIL.

She was experiencing hormonal imbalance and vision problem since 2014. After consuming the virgin coconut oil for 3 weeks, she discovered tremendous improvement in her overall health including her vision. She had even lost 8 kilogram after 9 months without changing her diet.

Since her first hand experience with the virgin coconut oil, she distributed 20 bottles to her friends and everyone came back with a very positive feedback.

  1. Dry hair
    • used virgin coconut oil as hair mist
    • hair feels soft, silky smooth and shinier
  2. Body odour
    • reduces body odour and itchy armpits
  3. Mouth disorders
    • Strengthen weak gum: cured scurvy (bleeding gum)
    • Mouth ulcer: healed by oil pulling (swishing coconut in the mouth)
    • Toothache: healed by oil pulling
  4. Constipation
    • improve bowel regulation
  5. Skin problems
    • Eczema: it relieves itchiness and lessen inflammation, flaky skin was healed and skin is moisturised
    • Dry skin: skin is more supple, moisture and radiant
  6. Lack of energy
    • boost up energy and increase productivity
  7. Balding pet
    • Reduces fur loss and regrow shiny and silky fur
  8. Skin allergy to body shampoo
    • Moisturises dry skin and reduce itching body after bath
  9. Dryness of eyes, poor eyesight, constipation, dry skin and dry hair
    • experience great improvement after applying 3 drops on the belly button and spread it around the belly button

After receiving so many positive feedback, Lee Hwa did some research on virgin coconut oil and stumbled upon Dr Bruce Fife’s website, http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org and found 1001 uses of coconut oil.

Dr Bruce Fife authored 25 books on coconut oil and 4 out of 25 books had captured her attention:

  1. Stop Alzheimer’s Now!
  2. Stop Autism Now!
  3. Stop Vision Loss Now!
  4. Coconut Therapy for Pets

Her research kept her in awe of the miraculous wonders of the coconut oil. And she wished to share its secrets and demystify coconut oil to the general public of its wondrous health attributes.

Therefore, along with her partners Catherine Chin and Belinda Wee, Coco Mirabelle Global was founded on 11 November 2016.

To inculcate a culture of daily health and wellness.
Empower women to be a confident entrepreneur.

Educate the world on the miraculous wonders of high quality virgin coconut oil and how to be a smart consumer by enhancing general public’s health knowledge through Holistic Wellness Product EduDemo.